Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I'm a boring person

All I have to post is a link for Cat, then its off to bed for me. <-- that's the student portal...and it's delicious.

Oh okay, I'll be a little less boring. I'll tell you all exactly what I did today:
I woke up at 8:30 and mowed the back yard.
I took a shower.
I went to rec and we took the kids to Metro beach...good times.
I came home.
I mowed the front lawn.
I took a shower.
I went to work.
I drove to the kroger parking lot and turned around to go to Walmart.
I went to Walmart.
I got some shit.
I talked to Cat in Walmart.
I said oral sex really loud in Walmart.
I came home.
I went to Kroger.
I talked to Cat in Kroger.
I went to Blockbuster.
I came home.
I got online.
I talked to Cat again.
I emailed an old friend.
I talked to Cooper for a little bit.
I went to bed.

Oh, and Catherine Trombly, YOU are a saucy minx...I know what you did this summer.

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