Sunday, August 28, 2005

Oh My Effing God...

It was an interesting day. It started with waking up around 8:30 and fucking around on my computer with pictures... by the way, I uploaded a lot today on webshots, but I had to create an overflow album to store the rest, so it's under scutta33... I know, original. Anyhoo, we went rollerblading for a bit, then came back and had brunch with Ben, just a nice guy that we kept running into. It was good fun, he's a centralis freshman... that's awesome, that means full tuition and room & board paid for. Damn. Then we wasted time for a few hours and went to Mainstage. It's super fun. I'm planning on joining a few clubs, namely S.A.P.A, GSA, a volunteer program and Program Board. Which sounds like quite a load, but really isn't.

Well, at mainstage, we went on the scrambler, then we made the fatefull decision to go in a vat of bubbles. Let's just say they don't taste that good. I got tackled quite a few times, let me tell you. By 6:30, I was bubblicious. Lia drove us back to the dorm and we took lightening fast showers and shot back up there to get to the Bowling For Soup concert. We got there and another band, Changes, was playing. They played until 8, then around 8:30, Bowling For Soup came on. I went and talked to one of the girls who was working for Program Board, the group that put the show on. Half an hour later, the chairperson came up to me and asked if I wanted to start today & work backstage. Whoa! Hell yes I will work backstage. So I was on gate duty, which means you open the gate for asshole crowd surfers to get back into the crowd. This one guy escaped from some of our people and got onstage, then he accidentally hit the chairgirl that I was talking to, in the nose, so as I was ushering him outta the gate, I gave him a little help getting out, ie a nice punch square in the kidney. And yes, it was good for me.

So, after the show, we stuck around and eventually met and got autographs from the entire band. It was awesome. All four signatures on a dollar bill because I had nothing else to get them on. Fucking stupendous night.

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