Sunday, August 28, 2005

Well, I started the day by making sun tea... mom'll be proud of that one. Anyhoo, we were supposed to play laser tag yesterday night, but it turned out to be inside a little dome, so we opted out and took a campus wide walk, realizing that the campus itself isn't as gigantic as it seems. Oh, and I talked to everyone on the phone yesterday... I'm turning into quite a talker. Shut up, I know I already am... just not on the phone. Yesterday, in my free time I finally got around to naming all of my pictures on my computer, I have over a thousand pictures ;) Yay, I love pictures... I'll prolly update them on webshots today, that way everyone else can love them too. The pictures link on the left is for webshots.

I'm definitely listening to an awesome playlist right now:
This Is How A Heart Breaks, Rob Thomas
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Green Day
Stand By Me, John Lennon
Lonely No More, Rob Thomas
Gracie, Ben Folds
Sitting, Waiting, Wishing, Jack Johnson
Float On, Modest Mouse
Good Riddance, Green Day
Hollywood, Los Lonely Boys
Somewhere In Between, Lifehouse

It's completely awesome... I'm gonna have to send you another CD, Bean, I just got a few more and I should be getting a few more next week sometime, it'll be awesome. Hmm... Unka Bill.. Let me know if you want me to send you a CD, I made one for Aunt Jill and she really liked it, so... yeah, anyways, I gotta go be productive now, no more posting. Love ya much.

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