Sunday, August 21, 2005

I Love Rocky Parties

I had so much God damn fun yesterday. It was supremely awesome. First, we went to Mrs. Dawes' to visit, which is as fun as it can be with an elderly woman. She's so sweet though. And I found out that her great grandson, a kid that I grew up with, is now a professional dancer and he got an awesome fucking job as a dancer on Carribean cruises. Oh, and he's only as old as I am, but that is such an awesome experience...and he's such a cutie. Then my mom and I went to the mall and she got me some delicious soap for school, it smells like Vitabath, but costs a lot less per ounce than that...vitabath costs like $1 per ounce, this stuff is so much cheaper. Oh and I got a new shirt and some new pajamas.

Then I went with Amy and Kelley to Andy's party thing. It was okay, but I knew no one there. Then we went to Kroger and stuff. Good times.

People started showing up at like 8...and didn't stop until about 2 when Steph showed up. She only stayed for an hour though. I had Amy, Kelley, Michelle, Cooper & Cat spending the night and we had a blast. We watched Rocky Horror...and made a quick run to Kroger to get Cosmo. We read that aloud whilst watching Rocky Horror. That was like the sauciest 2 hours of my life. Maybe not, but close. Then we attempted to play Tourrettes...but we were all slap happy and couldn't concentrate. I was in one of those giggly pathetic moods and I kept getting the hiccups. So we all chilled out and talked for a bit, then Steph finally called us to make us let her in because she was throwing pebbles at my window to get our attention, but we were too loud. We chilled out for another hour with her, then she left because she actually had to work this morning. Everyone started dropping off around 3 ish, and everyone but me & Cooper were asleep by 4. We didn't go to sleep. It was awesome, we talked until about 8 or 9 am. It was good, as always. We're nearly the same damn person, its scary. See how that works? We start to be really good friends, THEN WE HAVE TO GO TO COLLEGE. God damn it. Will post my quotes later. Hugs and kisses, you saucy minxes.

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