Thursday, March 18, 2004

what the flippin' a?

Sorry, I wasn't in a blogging mood yesterday. May I just say that I love Skankman, though he is still a skanker. I don't know if he did it on purpose or not, but he got Steph and I out of trouble in Physics. Yay! Oh, I'm happy Ethan got voted off of Survivor last night, he's such a whiner. Playing It Straight is on tomorrow, I'm so excited, it's like I get to exercise my gaydar. Hehe. I found out something really funny yesterday. I was staying late in CAD, a.k.a. ass class, and I went into the office to see my mom's friend and she told me that a few of my teachers thought I had something to do with the lock down. Probably because I got called down to the office about 30 seconds after we were released to second hour. Then today in math, Mrs. Wilk made big deal about it, it was pretty funny. Anyway, here's the quotes:

1. Hard on the outside, mushy in the middle -- Cat

2. That chaps my ass! -- Amanda

3. What the flippin' A? -- Lia

4. Where the hell did you pop out? -- Amanda

5. Can you hand me thy thingie? -- me

6. It's aaaaarrrrrrrrh -- Cat

7. It's an angry ring -- me -- Cat had this weird ring on and it pissed me off whenever I saw it

8. Oh oh oh, that's the kid who gave me extra atomic balls! -- me

9. When I'm here, I'm never absent -- me -- self explanatory, isn't it?