Tuesday, March 16, 2004

my balls are going to the left

Yeah, I know, I'm a bad person for not blogging yesterday, but I was at school until 6:00, then I came home and studied my butt off yet again. Oh, and the pictures I was gonna post didn't come out too good because someone is retarded *coughCatherinecough*. So, I've got some catching up to do. Yee-haw! (don't ask, I guess I'm in a rodeo mood) A big nothing happened yesterday, but in Mr. Millers class, we were taking notes and he had a drawing of a wedge and it looked like a upside down guy in pants with a carrot aiming right for the crotch. He kept saying stuff like 'slamming' and other stuff that could be taken as innuendo. I couldn't stop laughing, so I hid behind the computer so I wouldn't get in trouble. Okay, so today Skankman wore the now infamous outfit. I think Cat, Lia, and I have the best luck ever, in Government there were three eligible groups to do thier presentations, and our group wasn't chosen to go! And now, the part you've all been wait for, quotes:

1. Oh, wait, I want to molest a chip -- Lia

2. Out of the weirdest pictures I will ever taste -- Cat

3. I'm going out on a vouch -- Lia -- she meant limb, I personally think she's crazy

4. I was so preferred -- Cat

5. My other ones are small and heavy -- me -- yeah, I don't remember

6. There was an "avec" in there, so it's something with his sausage --Cat

7. Oh damn, I tried to put it in the wrong end -- me -- once again I don't remember, maybe I have a slight case of amnesia

8. Homo-gay sounds fun....e -- me -- we were watching the show "Playing it Straight" and I was pondering the non-word of homo-gay and I meant to say funny, but I said fun instead

9. As opposed to what? Hetero-gay? -- Cat -- her reply to homo-gay

10. I love him...but not like I want to rape him or anything -- me -- I wonder who it is I love?

11. At least you don't sound like a fat man when you laugh -- Cat

12. Yeah, I want you to do me for ten minutes -- Lia

13. I'm doing Lia -- Cat

14. You're all sideways -- Cat

15. I won't touch anywhere near there ever again -- Cat -- I must say that the last few quotes were pretty questionable, Cat

16. Therasic-stick -- Lia

17. That's what Lia get's from summer institution -- Cat

18. Do you know where my fingers are? -- Lia -- may I be the first to say WOAH!!

19. It was a song about a threesome but I kinda like it -- Lia -- Ah-hem, WOAH!!

20. I was Cobb-sessed -- Cat

21. You can fed 'em popsicle style -- Cat

22. I'm gonna be on Porter today -- Lia

23. All my balls are going to the left -- me -- whenever I bowl, the ball veers to the left

24. I did you until 3:21 -- Lia -- Uhhh.....HOMO-GAY!!

25. I was standing there unhooking myself -- me -- I was unhooking my bra under my shirt and felt the need to tell everyone

Now that the quotes are done, you may discuss this topic among yourselves: Sandpaper Penis. Good you're finished. I had the history channel on today (yeah, I know I'm a dork) and apparently there are people who don't believe the Holocaust really happened. That put me in an instant bad mood. Now I've gotta go and eat dinner. Byebye.