Wednesday, March 3, 2004

mars...the wet planet

Oh, before Stephanie kills me, she said that I give a whole new meaning to chicken breast! Anyway, I really hate English right now, I don't wanna do an essay and the stupid one act thing, I'm really not in the mood. I'm so excited, I wore my Frank'N'Furter shirt today, people kept asking me who it was and at one point, I looked down and saw his eye and it was looking up at me so I freaked out for about a half of a second. I think I bombed the math test today, I sorta stopped thinking after a mind numbing French class. Oh, and one more thing before the quotes, yesterday, Lia had me listen to this song by NoFX called Nubs and it was the funniest thing ever. Onto the quotes:

1. Is it hot, I mean hard -- Cat -- oddly enough, she was asking about the math test. It was very hot.

2. Catherine's giving him leg -- Lia -- I want to know what the hell giving leg is

3. Mars the wet planet -- CNN Student News -- that makes me think of bad things

4. I didn't know they were lips, I thought it was a couch -- Lia -- the next one immediately followed this one

5. Are you talking about trading spaces? -- Amanda -- no, we weren't talking about trading spaces

6. Amanda, you put the Asian in Caucasian -- Kriss

7. So you're poppin' out your own cousins? -- Lia

8. That's like being scared of your boobs -- Amanda

9. No, you're just going stupid -- me -- Cat is going stupid

10. I wonder who the first known gay man was, I mean who started all the gayness? -- Cat -- Legal???? If you're not Cat, disregard the last comment

11. That's me, unless he named his winky John -- John Abundis -- Winky??

12. I'm not going under Mr. Lisica (sp?) -- Joel Cunnings

13. Whoa, funny bone action -- Jessica Van Mourik

I must leave you all now, the dishes are calling my name. Don't go givin' any leg, and if you must, ALWAYS wear pants!!