Monday, March 29, 2004

51 things not to say

This weekend was a blast! We were gonna go bowling, but when we got there all of the lanes were taken, so we went to Tim Hortons and hung out for like an hour, but I'm glad we left when we did because we probably would have gotten kicked out if we had stayed any longer. Then we were driving home and whenever we could, we danced at people in the other cars. I don't have a whole lot of time to write, but I'll post the quotes. And by the way, Amy stole the quotes yesterday, so I couldn't post them, but she gave 'em back..........she's so lucky:

1. You should put it under wood -- Cat

2. There's no boobing! -- me

3. Do you want me to pick you up? -- Cat -- to Kelley, I won't even tell you guys what else she said to her

4. It's more fun on top! -- Cat -- seriously?

5. I got burnt by the apple fuzz -- me

6. I don't want people camped out in there -- Lia -- I bet you all want to know where...

7. Bagels? I thought we were talking about waterfalls -- Stephanie

8. How do you say bagel? -- Cat -- learn how to say the damn word already

9. And by the way, she did squirt me! -- Lia -- WOAH!!

10. She got me in the ass -- Lia -- how the hell did she do that?

11. My underwear was wet for 2 hours -- Lia -- just stop talking

12. You guys look guilty -- Cat -- to Stephanie and Michelle after leaving the bathroom at Tim Hortons

13. Okay, that's like violation of the third amendment! -- Cat

14. Fine, you're not sleeping in my house -- Lia -- in response to #13

15. No! I don't wanna wear pants -- Steph -- to my mom

16. No, I'm not wearing pants! -- Steph

17. Is that a conch? -- Lia

18. A shell or Michelle? -- Cat

19. You're just a flabby old woman! -- me

20. Let's fake orgasms -- Lia -- what the shit?

21. You're writing over the flabby old woman, aren't you? -- Lia

22. I did not say fake orgasm! -- Lia -- uh...yeah you did

23. I just said glot -- Cat -- btw, my mom read this and won't stop saying glot

24. I'm gonna sit in my room for a couple of hours and practice taking off my bra -- Lia -- way too much free time

25. Does anyone think it's weird that she's talking about enemas while taking off her bra? -- Kelley -- I do

26. They were dangling mercilessly -- Lia

27. Fah-Q -- Kelley

28. Kati is the reason I spent three days in a meat grinder -- Kelley -- Oh, yeah blame it on her

29. She would be walking down the street constantly having orgasms -- Cat -- I don't even know what to say to this one

30. If I was, I wouldn't have said I was hot, I would've had no pants on -- Cat -- it wasn't that kind of party

31. Ari said 'call me when you get devirginized' because she doesn't think I can do it -- Lia

32. Is that what you were talking about? Humping? Is that theraputic? -- Steph

33. Do you have pants on? -- Lia

34. Yeah, unfortunately -- Steph -- once again, I must emphasize that it wasn't that kind of party

35. It's built up sexual tension -- Cat -- what the shit?

36. And it needs to escape through your face? -- Steph -- finishing off Cat's sentence

37. Someone just spit in my ear -- Lia

38. Did you just say 'dammit I feel naked today'? -- Cat -- selective hearing

39. Is that my background sex music? -- Cat -- I don't even want to know

40. She pushed on it in a weird place and it popped open......that's how it works -- me -- I honestly don't know what I was talking about

41. I couldn't like, grasp it firmly with my right hand -- Lia

42. Oh, my toe is stuck in the hole -- me -- the hole in the blanket

43. It doesn't start out at the beginning -- Steph

44. Chris Paul sex -- Lia -- is that a fantasy of yours?

45. Chris Tampon -- Lia

46. That would be cool if that (Tampon) was his last name -- Amanda

47. It would be funny if that was your middle name, then you'd be Chris Tampon Hed -- Cat -- poor kid

48. We know what Catherine likes -- Lia -- she likes...............................

49. Mustard! -- me

50. SPERM!! -- me -- in a sing song voice

51. You're a feminist, aren't you? -- Lia -- to Cat