Tuesday, March 2, 2004

rick oh shet!

I'm so frickin' tired right now, I just finished writing the paper for Skankman's class. I'm just awake enough to put some quotes from today up, oh and Cockney is a good word:

1. It didn't hurt in my mouth, but then my throat got a hold of it -- me -- I would explain it, but it's just such a fun one.

2. Make sure you get every last drop of it -- Lia

3. By golly gosh I've managed to bite it off -- Cat

4. Look at how long it is today -- me -- once again, I feel that this one is better left alone.

5. It's a progress in work -- Mrs. Wilk -- trying to sound smart but failing miserably.

6. What does ricochet mean? -- Siderella (sp?) -- But she didn't say ricochet like a normal human being, she said RICK OH SHET!

And I'm spent! Wait, not yet, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE!! It's my brother's 27th birthday today.