Thursday, March 11, 2004

i'm having a party inside my head

I don't think one funny thing happened today. Okay, so maybe I'm over-exaggerating a little, but on the whole, it was boring as hell. I had to watch The Count of Monte Cristo in French, but it was a really old and poorly acted version. Not of over-emphasize it, but the acting completely sucked. And none of the wigs fit right. Anyway, Government was unbelievably depressing, Mrs. Christopher had to explain what happened to Justin Mello to a guy who didn't live here at the time, then we started talking about all the people who have died this year at L'Anse Cruese(sp?). Lunch was fun though, I had to use up the rest of the film on my camera so I told Cat to go and take photos of random people. It was a blast. I think she took a picture of Allison Deeb's eye though......weird. I still haven't finished Skankman's research paper, I'm almost done though, maybe one more paragraph left. Speaking of Skankman, he wore the skank pants again today. I have a little party in my head everytime I see him wearing those. Wait, that sounded unbelievably wrong....Let me try and explain: Everytime I see him wear them, it makes me happy that I'll have something to blog about. I doubt that I'll ever hear the end of that one. I think I'm gonna go bowling with my brother tonight instead of watching Survivor, he's kinda depressed right now and bowling is the best answer to depression. Speaking of, my all time high score is 96. I'll leave you with one quote, then I must go and finish that ridiculous research paper. Fine it isn't ridiculous, just a pain in my ass. Oh, and I'm getting some pictures developed as we--as I speak, so maybe I'll put some up. Now you can have your stupid quote.

If I see a tongue, I'll freak out -- Mrs. Wilk