Thursday, June 24, 2004

too much information

I officially don't dislike Robin Williams anymore, I saw him on Inside The Actors Studio, he was unbelievably funny. So, I walked around Bay-Rama yesterday...its getting more pathetic by the year, they don't even have a Matterhorn type thingy, and that's a staple. Attention: Those faithful readers that do not want to hear something disgusting, do not read any further. I do not enjoy being told things that I don't want to hear, for example: The person, who will remain nameless, that sat next to me in English last semester said that she was really happy that she started her period. As a sane person, I said "You're crazy." Then she said that she had had a yeast infection for the last three months. AT WHICH JUNCTURE DID I ASK ABOUT THE INNER WORKINGS OF HER ANATOMY? Oh yeah...I DIDN'T. But that's not all. I'm at work and this lady that I work with was drinking a pitcher of cranberry juice, and I said nothing. So she said that her doctor said that she needed to drink a lot of cranberry juice. I said something like "Well, at least it tastes good." I didn't need to hear why she had to drink the cranberry juice, I deduced that it had something to do with something I didn't want to know about. She went on to say that she had a urinary tract infection. Once again: AT WHICH JUNCTURE DID I ASK ABOUT THE INNER WORKINGS OF HER ANATOMY? Sometimes I just don't want to know things. Anyone who didn't want to read anything disgusting may continue reading here: Oh, and how ghetto is Detroit? We were starting to look good, for like a week or two, because of the Pistons, but then yesterday some idiot shot nine people at the cliche. I swear, as soon as I finish college, I'm off to Chicago, or some other kick ass city. By the way, why is it that every state has a cool big city except Michigan? New York has one, Illinois has one, California has like 50, Washington has one, Colorado has one, even Idaho has one...why not us? Oh and I put a link to my blogger profile...sometimes I can be such a nerd. I wanna go on vacation....right now.

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