Wednesday, June 16, 2004

if i could marry lemonade popsicles, i would

May I just start off by saying: THE PISTONS WON. And I must say that I am just as surprised as those cry baby Lakers are. Anyway, I don't watch sports, so I'm gonna stop talking about them too. Yesterday I was exposed to the anime show Inuyasha, its better than I expected, its kinda interesting. Oh, and after work, I went over to my grandma's house and we just sat there talking and eating lemonade popsicles, with the Piston's game on the TV, muted of course. We were quite a sight, but we only did it because my mom said that I would get in trouble if I didn't watch the game. Great, now I want lemonade. I'm going to con my parents into letting me get the internet in my bedroom, because everytime I want to go on the computer, my mom is Ebay-ing. She's such a dork. You know what I've noticed, every day I wake up later than the day before, here's my week so far: Monday: 8:30am Tuesday: 10:00am Wednesday: 11:10am. I'm guessing that by next week, I'll just wake up and go to work, I guess it doesn't help that I stay up until 4:00am, but that's besides the point. Speaking of work, I'm not looking forward to going today, its kind of like a fear of impending doom thing. Okay, I have to vaccuum, my mom will go crazy if I don't do it. Bubbye.

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