Thursday, June 17, 2004

please don't spit at me

Wow, some of the crazy old people at work are genuinely crazy. For instance, Chuck is this really nice old man, but he calls me Wendy, Debbie, and/or Liz, depending on the day and he calls every single guy Mike. Anyways, yesterday I was bussing tables with Tom and he spit at, Tom didn't spit at me, Chuck did. Thank God he missed, I think I would have died, I'm really not a big fan of bodily fluids. Oh, and this other lady says "shit" and "God damn it" in the presence of nuns, which by the way, is really fun to watch. So here's part two of the top ten things I hate about my job:

1. Being spit at -- which in my opinion is completely reasonable

2. Paul -- the male version of Paula, revert to part one

3. Burning my hands and arms on the dish machine

4. Getting soaked head to toe whilst scrubbing pots and pans because I forgot to put on a plastic apron

5. Getting yelled at by Mrs. Goodspeed -- she yelled at me for taking a cup that she was through with

6. Touching pickles -- get your mind out of the gutter, I can't stand the smell of pickles and I have to touch them on a daily, seriously GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER

7. Mopping

8. Having dreams about work -- last night I had a dream that I stole a cookie out of the cookie box, which we are allowed to do, and I had to give it back even though it was half eaten

9. This one lady who sounds exactly like Kevin Meany -- she says "That's not right" whenever you take something that she's done with, for example, yesterday I took a fork that I don't even think was hers because hers was in her hand, and she said "That's not right", I tried my hardest not to laugh.

10. Washing the walls -- the bleach makes my hands burn and go all splotchy.

Okay, I have a confession to make...I'm a complete nerd. Almost every night, Lia and I go online and play...drumroll please...Backgammon. I think the people at work are rubbing off on us. Last night, I guess I fell asleep with my work pants on, so this morning at about 5:00, my mom came upstairs and stole them because it probably isn't sanitary to sleep in clothes that have at least a few communicable diseases on them...I don't like waking up with fewer clothes on then when I went to sleep. One more thing, I hate country music with a passion, but there's this one song called "Wishes" by Lari White, and I don't know what its called, but I love it...I really hope its not country, its against my religion to listen to country music...I could go to hell, or worse NASHVILLE!

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