Monday, June 21, 2004

do carnies really smell like cabbage?

Well, I was on my morning bike ride today and I remembered something I'd rather have forgotten. They're setting up for the Fish Fly Festival a.k.a Bay-Rama. has become my least favorite time of the summer. Don't get me wrong, I like to go down there and see all my friends who still enjoy going on the rides and stuff, but people park all over our lawn with reckless abandon and its really loud. Wow, I sound like I'm about 60. Anyways, I just don't like seeing all of the drunk people, they freak me out, and what about the carnies? They smell funny, in fact, they smell worse then the awful fishflies. And speaking of those disgusting creatures that live for 24 hours and have no point what-so-ever to their lives, what kind of town names their annual carnival after these annoying little bugs anyways? Who wants to celebrate the annual invasion of these little creatures, they attache themselves to the walls and for a few weeks, you can't walk two feet withouth stepping on them. In fact, someone once wrote into the Johnny Carson show and said that we were the fish fly capital of the world. Now I feel special. On the bright side, I get to watch the fireworks from my roof, and any reason to be on the roof is a good reason. Oh oh, I get to go to a book store today, yippee! And I don't have to work until Thursday! Three cheers for me! I could almost sing, but I'll save you from that thought. Here's something I never, ever do, but I'm going to put the lyrics from a really good song up, 'cause I like it that much:

If wishes were horses
I’d ride a fast one
If wishes were wings
I’d fly wild and free
If wishes were trains
I’d be on the last one
If wishes came true
You’d be loving me

If wishes were blue skies
I’d never get rained on
I’d walk in the sun
Whenever I please
If wishes were dreams
I’d dream the same one
Over and over
Of you loving me

I whisper your name
On each star I see falling
That old wishing well
Gets each penny I find
And every year I blow out every candle
And close my eyes
And wish you were mine
Oh if wishes came true
Then you would be mine

Sorry for that. By the way, that's the song that I can't decide if its country or not. Now I have to get ready to go to the book store. Bubbye.

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