Saturday, June 26, 2004

don't make fun of the juice

I went to Bay-Rama...I know, I'm such a hypocrite, but the Scrambler was calling my name. Anyways, Lia and her brother and I went to Bay-Rama at 10:00, only to find out that the wristbands aren't usable after 10:00, and each ticket costs $1.00, so it cost each of us $3.00 to ride the Scrambler. Work sucked ass again today and Paula wasn't even there, everyone was just in a bad mood. Oh and I don't think that the world is ready for pomegranate juice, 'cause I bought some on my way to work and I was drinking it in the office before we started working, anyways, its in a weird bottle, so everyone was curious about it, so I let them try it. They decided that it tasted like prune juice...what a buzz kill. But I don't care if they make fun of my juice, because they just aren't cool enough to understand the juice. I have to go to bed right now, I just stared at the wall for a good five minutes before I realised that I was staring at the wall. Goodnight.

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