Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Loooooooooong weekend

Okay, so this weekend totally kicked ass. By the way, this weekend started on Thursday night. Thursday night, Cat, Lia & I decided to have a girls night and watch movies... I'm sure we fell asleep early, I know I did. I think we watched Love Actually. I love that movie.

So, let's see. Friday we woke up and remembered that we had to go to the Midland Mall to get my contants. We made a damn day of it. But let's not forget that the roads were kinda crappy where I decided to drive. I definitely rear ended an elderly Native American guy, but it was so totally not my fault, I did everything you're supposed to do with icy roads, I went slow, pumped my breaks and nothing worked, but I have absolutely no damage on my car at all. The old man was driving a van, so the bumper was lower, his car got a little dent or two, but I was going no more than a few miles per hour. I'm happy that didn't set the tone for the rest of the day though, it was awesome. So, at the mall, I decided that I would only be communicating in sign language, because I could, since Lia is in my class and Cat hangs out with us enought to pick it up. It was so cool to do, I didn't speak for at least four hours, minus the few minutes that I had to be in DOC to take care of my contacts. But yeah, it was sweet. I did get a lot of looks though, which was annoying, but to be expected. I got presents for Trev & Auntie M, as well as Nana and Unka P. And I got some sexy ass buttons. It was definitely a good day. Then we did drove back to Mount Pleasant and stopped at the sex shop, primarily because we could. We did the slumber party thing again on Friday night and watched some of the movie Kinsey. I love that movie, its so obscure. We also dyed Lia's hair, well, it was more of a red tint, but it looks awesome.

Saturday morning, I woke up bright and early at 11:00... HAHA! Okay, so I woke up and got a shower and stuff, then Tami straightened my hair. It was sexy. Then I went to Somerset with Kyle, Ben, Jenny, Sam & Jayme. It was a blast. Kyle drove Ben and I and we listened to the RENT soundtrack, among other things. We got to the mall. It was humongous. Absolutely humongous. I want to live in the Crate & Barrel and the Williams Sonoma stores. They are magnificent. Anyways, Ben and I walked around for about 5 hours, then Jayme joined us because Kyle and Sam were leaving. I ended up buying an awesome purse from Pac Sun. Then we rode back with Jenny. That was possibly the most hilarious car ride of my life, it was non-stop laughter. And Benjamin is a pervert, nuff said. Then we went to Lil Chef with Phil & Aaron, which was fun. After Lil Chef, we went to Phil's house to watch a movie. Ben and I were asleep within 5 minutes. But it was Gremlins, not like we were missing anything. Then around 5 am, I went back to my dorm and went to bed. Catherine was awake when I got there... weird. That was my long ass day.

Umm... Sunday I'm pretty sure Lia & Cat and I went Christmas shopping again, I'm done with everyone except my parents and some of my friends. I will finish, I swear.

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