Saturday, December 10, 2005

Eh.. 2 am should be considered part of the previous day

Today was quite interesting. I decided around 2 o'clock that I would do my laundry, only the necessities of course. So I put the stuff in the wash, then I fall asleep ten minutes before the load was to be done in the wash, luckily I woke up. After I finished my laundry, I went to Merril to get Ben so we could go get his white elephant gift for the gift exchange that was about seven hours ago. We went to various stores and bought stuff, including some hair dye for him so that we could dye it before the party. We arrived fashionably late at 7:36. His hair looks really good, by the way, although it is "mahogany" so it is a little redder than we intended. Neither of us caught the word mahogany whilst chosing the dye. Anyways, the party was fun, I ended up with the gift of Choxie chocolates, which are delicious. Then we played a variation of the game "I never". It was good fun, I learned stuff about my friends that I really don't think I needed to know, but it was damn funny. Let's just say more than one of my friends have participated in an orgy of five or more people. Kinky ;).

Around 10 o'clock, we left and went to my dorm to watch Kinsey, which is a really good movie, its kinda like the psychology of sex... Yes, I know, WEIRD. But it is very interesting. I had to drive him back to his dorm around 1:40 ish. I looked like a crazy bag lady, let me tell you. I had on my capri pajama pants and a coat and boots and crazy lady hair and my glasses on. And I had to check myself in to the dorm via the front entrance, so everyone saw my crazy bag lady impersonation. That was a one time showing, by the way.

Upon examination of my arms, I have decided that I have uber amounts of hair growing on them, its like dog hair growing out of a human. How sad. Eh, I'll get over it.

I think I want to open up a gift wrapping store, screw Health Administration, I love wrapping presents way more, I could do it all day every day, for the rest of my life. But I won't. Shit. I think its time for bed, I only come up with hair brained schemes when I'm over tired, and since I've had five hours of sleep in the past fourty-two hours, that seems like a wonderful idea. Sweet dreams my lovers.

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