Sunday, December 11, 2005


I am suffering from serious ADD at the moment, I cannot study. I keep looking at facebook and checking my email. I did realize something funny though, since I've been @ CMU, I've met more famous people than I have in my entire life combined: Bowling For Soup, Anna Nalick, Jim Gaffigan, CT & David from random Real World seasons, Bill Nye the Science Guy & Larry Joe Campbell. I don't think that I've met anyone else famous before CMU... Oh no, I met a random member of the Detroit Shock Basketball team & I almost met Michael Phelps... I will marry that boy. Not that famous people are better than regular people, just weirder. Bowling For Soup was drunk, as were CT & David & Bill Nye was an ASSHOLE.

I'm on a Mancala bender... you know that game where you move the marbles... okay, you probably don't, but its addicting. As are Tang and Fresca, together or apart.

I typed that sentence, then went and played Mancala for an hour. I have to study now.