Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What Else Is There To Do But Blog?

Well, at the moment, I have not a thing to do except post... I'm supposed to be taking a test, but the website that I'm supposed to be taking it on is being an asshole and not letting me on. So I'm not taking a test. I'm so excited right now, I get to pick my classes for next semester on October 24th... this coming Monday, because honors students get priority registration. How sexy is that? Very sexy I must say. I already know that classes that I'm taking:

FRN 202 - Intermediate French II ( I know I said I was done with French, but the prof I have now is teaching it again and I heart him, he's easy to learn from) (4 cr)

HEV 370 - Nutrition (Prerequisite for Geriatric Nutrition... WOOT!) (3 cr)

ASL 102H - Beginning American Sign Language II (I love sign language and its usefull) (3 cr)

PSY 202H - Developmental Psychology (Prerequisite for PSY 325 and works towards my Psych Minor) (3 cr)

ACC 201 - Concepts of Financial Accounting (Eh, I need it for Health Admin.) (3 cr)

GRN 248 - Service Learning In Gerontology (One day a week, 50 min class... Heck yes) (3 cr)

I'm excited... 19 credit hours again, but I'm not worried, I think I can handle it. Oh, and I got 125/129 on my first ASL exam. Which is pretty damn good. Muchos huevos, which I learned translates to many eggs in Spanish, means big balls :)

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