Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Now I have time for the people who really matter, my lovely readers!

Okay, so its been a week, lemme tell ya. I think my last actual post was last Thursday and it's definely Wednesday. I'm going to hell, I realize that I haven't posted and its BAD. Okay so, Friday morning I went and got my car because I had to go visit The Laurels, a townie nursing home. It was good. Then I had to park my car at some meters for about four hours. Fucking 2 dollars I'll never see again. Then I went to my alternative breaks interview, which I think I passed with flying colors, I wonder where I'm gonna be going... Went to Honors, which was boring, shock me. Then we went home. Yay.

WE HAVE DIGITAL CABLE AGAIN!!! That means I can watch Degrassi: The Next Generation! And Six Feet Under. And a million other shows that I like and never get to watch. Woot. I sound pathetic, but I don't ever get to veg out infront of the TV.

This weekend was good fun, I chilled with the family. I went shopping with my MOM, who I'm talking to on the phone right now, so she's really really cool. And I love my mommy. Saturday night I went out for "coffee" with Steph. Neither of us got coffee, but Starbucks is delighful anyways. My use of quotation for the word coffee... makes it sound like we did saucy things, we didn't, you pervs. I discovered that there is a drink called Chantico and its delicious. Nuff said. Then I grabbed a coffee for my mom and took it too her at Patty's house for cards. Good thing I did, there was no coffee. Then I went home and watched "The Blob" with my dad. Which was dumb. But I still got to hang out with dad, even if it was an extremely retarded movie.

Sunday morning I went to the Village to do my interview with Betty. Then I stopped in the kitchen and saw Sarah and Paula and Stephanie. It was good fun. I went to Ms. Quinn's house and sat and talked with her for a little bit and she sent me home with a bag of cookies and candy. The cookies tasted exactly like belly buttons from Stahls. Then I went to Nana's and installed her VCR and we watched the first episode of Six Feet Under and I think she liked it! Woot!

Then we came back to school and watched Grey's Anatomy. The bestest show ever.

Monday I went to class and the GSA office. Didn't do much else except studying and such.

Tuesday I went to class and stuff. Real boring and yet productive. Then I watched "I Love The 80s: 3D" Great show. Then I went to sleep and slept for nine hours last night. And I know that I couldn't breathe for part of it, strange, eh?

Today I didn't do much, just kinda straightened my shit because it was getting messy. Tonight I have a GSA meeting, should be good fun. Then I get to do homework. YAY! I'm so excited and I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control and I think I like it! Whoa, kill me now.

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