Monday, October 3, 2005

Slap me on the wrist

Ahhh... I didn't know there were no words on theis post! I posted words, I swear! But they disappeared.

Okay.... so, this weekend was awesome.

I went home on Thursday night and completely skipped class on Friday. It was good for me. But I had to meet JUDY CUNNIFF! Because she's awesome... Yes, Judy Cunniff is awesome. She brought me the coolest thing ever. Its a Rocky Horror flag/tapestry thing! It is 24 years old. And its awesome. And it survived through a hurricane or two. Oh, and I went to a swim meet. The only good thing there was coach... and a select few swimmers, you know who you are. But all in all, I would have rather not gone, I kinda hate the girls swim team.

Friday I went shopping with mom and Judy. POTATOES!!!!!! And I had some saucy ginger beer that burnt the hell outta my throat. Then we had a family thing. It was special. I met Nancy, she was cool. The fam was over for a few hours & Trev spent the night and we played video games.

Saturday I took Trev home and didn't do much, didn't do much on Sunday either, come to think of it. Drove home, sang Savage Garden and Lia got us lost. Good times.

Monday I didn't do much at all... went to class, yada yada yada.

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