Wednesday, October 12, 2005

At the moment, I am only wearing a towel

Well, I've been busier than hell. Nuff said. First, lemme say that the weekend was a lot of fun. I LOVE COURTENAY COOPER. It was a blast. Although the company could've been better, not gonna name any names, the important people know. Second, I want a love sac. Cooper's friend Kiersten has a love sac and I want it. It's like a huge bean bag that wants to engulf you in its lovelyness. Anyhoo, I met Coops friend Chelsea, she's pretty damn cool.

This week has been quite eventful, I've been so fricking busy with GSA because its Coming Out Week. It's been a lot of fun though. It's been a good week.

I'll post tomorrow.

Oh and... I LOVE YOU DAD!

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