Tuesday, February 1, 2005

My topless dress

Yeah, I was trying to tell my mom that I found an awesome strapless dress, but I kept calling it topless instead. Woot! Cat and I had quite a trip to the mall...the stupid JC Penney place doesn't have layaway or 24 hour holding on formal wear, so my mom and I went back and got it. And we got some buttons! The weiner button is sexy. Cat, I'm so proud of you...you grew some muchos huevos. Okay, I love you all, but I cannot think of anything else to blog about.

Okay, I thought of something else...Megan (upat...duh) thinks that my brother is gay...he made me a cd and its not so masculine, so...yeah, she put it in her journal that my brother is a homosexual. Bubbye.

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