Thursday, February 17, 2005

So, we went and saw the movie Boogeyman... Crazy suOh...and I graciously take your hand was asleep for a little while after the movie last night. That movie was super fucked up. It wasn't so much that it was a good movie, but I enjoy being freaked out a little...apparently so does Cat, before we even went to the movie, she swore that she was going to attack me out of fear during the movie. Oy vey...but it was tres fun...and thank you, I'm aware that I am the entire peanut gallery during movies.

Well, right now, I'm sitting here blogging, eating a hot pocket in my pajamas and slippers, with my hair in an unbelievably messy bun and my glasses askew with Woody sitting at my feet. Today, I think I will reorganize my bedroom...its getting boring again. I guess I'll go up to the pool a little early today, I don't know if I can go a whole 24 hours without being at my real home. Woot. I am ├╝ber pathetic...but I love the pool.

Gee whiz, speaking of the pool, Cat and I are gonna die in just over one week...Leagues are at our pool and we get the distinction of running the God-awful computers...It's gonna be one interesting meet, is it not?

Oh...last night, Lia, as promised, called as soon as she got home and both of us were pretty freaked out by that movie...and then I konked out 45 minutes later...I can't believe I actually fell asleep...It's a miracle...Maybe its because we weren't three-waying with Cat and she wasn't trying to frighten me to my very core *insert angry smiley face here*.

Did I metion that I cut my pinky finger on butter at work? Yep...I've reached a new low. Actually, the new low that I have reached was last night at work, just minutes before we were released from the shackles...I mean, just minutes before we punched out. I was going to help someone clean off their carts in the cart room and we have these swinging doors and they lock at the top, so you can't really tell if their locked or not unless you are looking up...So anyways, I'm walking towards the doors to go into the cart room and CRASH! I walked directly into the locked doors and hit my face...Hard. And then I started giggling incessantly and everyone in the kitchen knew what I did. So, for the last five minutes of the night, all I heard was people making fun of me about the butter incident and the door.

Okay, I think this post is sufficiently long...Now I'm talking to Cat and its just too hard for me to do more than one thing at a time. BUBBYE!!!

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