Thursday, February 17, 2005

Hide the children...bring out the swimmers...the quotes have landed!

So, how long has it been since I did quotes?...I know its been a long while...Cat inspired me to do more though, she printed out all of the quotes that we've done! Yay...I have some goods swimmer quotes harvested from tonights excursion. More of that later.

Before the meet, Cat, Adrian (...he's a boy...) & I got into a bit of a water fight and somehow I became locked in the little changing room within the boys changing room with Adrian, so I put an ice cube down his shirt. It was fricken hilarious. And Sarah had the nerve to show up at the meet...I don't think anyone talked to her. Oh...and I'm tres proud of Cat for staying strong and not talking to her. The GD swim meet got canceled due to a power outage that turned off the pump thingie. So, we had the senior night celebration for a little while. I think I freaked out Dex, for some reason quite unknown to me, I acted like I was going to kiss was pretty funny. Then he left to have mad, passionate, Canadian sex with Jake. Maybe they'll do a little snowboarding while they are there...if they ever get out of bed that is.

Cat, Lia and I decided to go to Timmy's to hang out for a while, since we had hours to kill before we needed to be home...pretty soon, half of the swim team decided to come...PARTY AT TIMMY'S!!! It was good fun. But now, on to the quotes:

1. Feel it on the way out -- Lia
2. You have a penis? -- Corey to Lia
3. This jacket just melts my butter -- Corey
4. I don't want a wet kisss -- Cat to Lia
5. Don't say that with my head in your lap -- Cat to me
6. Do you want to see something that will make you feel better about yourself? -- Lia to Adrian
7. It wasn't wet, it was just a willy -- me
8. I was saving myself for Sam -- Megan
9. I'd do it to Catherine -- Megan
10. Is my foot between your legs? -- Cat to Lia
11. I spooned with Andrea -- Megan

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