Sunday, February 27, 2005


Oy vey...swimming is over...forever. *sob*...But yesterday was so damn fun! The meet was good, we won by a lot! And Mr. Kirsten came...I love him. Oh, and when I was announcing for the awards, instead of saying 10th place, I said 10th grade...the whole audience laughed at me, but it was okay, cuz I was laughing too. The road rally was fun...but the guys finished in about 20 minutes! We should have given them about 25 questions instead of 12...John Thelen got pulled over within 5 minutes of starting, but I don't think he got in to trouble. Cat and I got to stay at the pool until about 9:30 and hang out with the guys, so we drove Telly and Megan home and then we went back to the pool in super stealth mode and pulled James Bond moves around the pool...we were trying to catch a glimpse of some naked water polo...but I guess they didn't play. We got back to my house and I swear we fell asleep an hour and a half later...we're pathetic. I'm too tired to type anymore...I'll blog later.

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