Friday, February 25, 2005

I'm an MIP

Okay, so yesterday before work, I go to Outback Steakhouse to get a gift basket that they were making for the swim team...and in it I found a Fosters! That's Australian for Beer! Holy Crap! I called Cat and was freaking out on the phone for like 7 minutes! And then she told coach that I was a MIP and he said that if I got pulled over to tell them that it was his. He's such a mom. But thats why we love him. I just gave the beer to Liz from work...I think she's over 21.

I LOVE PAUL VANDERDONC!!! He's working for me on Sunday @ 6:15! Yay!

Oh...and I love Corey and Adrian. I gave them mucho back rubs today. I'm such a nerd... Oh, and we had an ingenius water fight at the pool and Cat slipped on the ice...and I accidentally groped her nether regions. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT...I swear...She was trying to push me into the water and I grabbed what was closest behind me...and it happened to be her...Don't make me say it. "THAT'S WHERE I KEEP MY VAGINA!" Okay...I think I'm done blogging...I can't concentrate. I have fricken ADD. I don't want swim season to end...EVER.

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