Sunday, February 20, 2005

I'll have to post about the Harold and Kumar-esque adventure we had last night, after I get home from work, right now, I have to do my homework...but I will leave you with some quotes for now:
From Our Menage Trois on Friday:
1. Girls don't have balls -- Lia
2. I'm gonna go to sleep and think about my incestual lover -- Cat
3. If I knew we weren't getting out, I'd do it till we died -- Cat
4. I'm worried about him and the worst he could be doing is having gay sex with Jake -- Lia
5. I've been holding my thumb for two hours and I don't wanna let go -- Cat
6. You had one in front and one in back, didn't you? -- Cat to Lia
7. I'll say hello to his little friend -- Cat

From Last Nights...Well, You Know:
1. So there's a window...Jump bitch -- Me to Cat
2. My boob is flat, that's why I'm depressed -- Me

I swear, I will post my ass off tonight...I'm talking longest post ever...We've got Mad-Libs and Lemons and Road Rallies and...woot...It'll be good.Laters.

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