Thursday, July 29, 2004

take cover!...hide the children!...the quotes are coming!

Wow, the first batch of good quotes since school!  Here we go:
 1. I don't get any service between my legs -- Allison -- Really?  I do 
 2. Catherine, stop wiggling, you're getting me excited -- Allison -- Why do all of the parties at my house turn weird?
 3. I'm not cattle, quit prodding me! -- me -- Moooo...I mean...damn it
 4. No one names their penis Nemo -- Allison -- How do you know?
 5. Feel Cat -- Allison -- Ya know, I'd rather not
 6. I often plook when I hit Jerry's Pizza trucks -- Allison -- What is the definition of a plook?
 7. You just said stroke and cox (cocks...hehe) in the same sentence -- Allison --Naughty, naughty
 8. There's an ass light -- Allison -- See, now that's not something I have in my room
 9. It doesn't need thumbs, it has a very skilled tongue -- Allison -- Let's not even get into that one

10. I enjoy it slow -- me -- Pretty self explanitory, isn't it?
11. Is it going down easy? -- Lia -- Yes, yes it is
12. I pulled the stick out -- Amanda -- Good, it shouldn't stay in for too long
13. I'm a one handed prophet -- Amanda -- Yeah, or a curbside prophet
14. I'm drying out my knee! -- Lia -- Okay!  Have fun with that!
15. What is it, elephant butt hair? -- Amanda -- Yes...
16. My fart! -- me -- This is what happens when Lia farts on your foot
17. Suck it! -- Amanda -- No!
18. Don't you put your finger in my fuzzy! -- me -- Oooh saucy
19. We're drunken tourettes with gas problems -- Cat -- Nope, no gas problems here, that's Lia and Cat

20. She's awake...I'm rollin' on her -- Cat -- That's...interesting

21. Kristine has a cold butt -- Cat -- I'm enlightened


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