Thursday, July 29, 2004

the pureed beets incident

Oh My God! Yesterday was so much fun! We had a surprise party for Cat's 17th birthday. Lia and I were talking on the phone like 4 days ago and decided that we should have a surprise party, and everything actually worked, except for the fact that I forgot to tell some people to spend the night...but all in all it was a blast. Oh, so anyways, Cat nearly foiled our plans by deciding to meet us at Tim Hortons rather than have us pick her up, so Lia and I were on the phone for about 1 hour trying to figure out new way to make this party work. So, everyone was supposed to arrive at 8-ish and just chill upstairs until Lia, Cat and I got back from Timmy's, but when Cat decided to drive, Lia and I decided that I should stay at my house while she went and stalled Cat at Tim Hortons...but being the coniving bitch that I am, I came up with a lie at the last minute: (oh, btw, Lia and I told Cat that we had to work so that we could stall it as long as possible) Lia met Cat at Timmy's and told her that I had to go home real quick and take a shower because I somehow managed to get pureed beets in my hair and I would meet them there at 8:30 (it's scary when that kind of lie is believable)...but Lia and I both knew that I wouldn't be going up their at all, I just had to wait until everyone got there, then I could call Lia and tell her to just come over. Almost everything went according to plan, but Kristine couldn't make it until later. Anyways, back at my house, I had everyone hiding upstairs and when Cat and Lia arrived, we went upstairs, of course Cat had to go first. We sure surprised her, she almost fell down the stairs...we even made her cry! I think there were ten people there at one point, and we all chipped in to get her a dvd player and some dvd's. Lia, Cat, Kristine and Amanda ended up spending the night, and we started playing a game called "Fruits" but we soon adapted it to fit our own taste...lets just say tourettes would have been a more appropriate name. We didn't go to sleep until about 6:00 this morning, so I'm running on 3.5 hours of sleep.

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