Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Okay...I'm gonna end all the depressing shit after today.  The funeral was today...oh my God...seeing grown men cry is the most unnerving thing in the entire world.  The most ironic thing happened though today...the daughter of guy that died went into labor today.  Anyways, I'm a really bad person, I realized that I make fun of people....at funerals.  I'm going straight to hell...no stops on the way....just a one way ticket.  But how could I resist?  There was this one lady with a beard, this other lady is just a bitch, another guy looked like a weasel, and this one guy had a soul patch, but he was like 50.  I felt so sorry for his sons, Aaron and Chris, they are 27 and 20 and they're the two nicest people I know.  And the last depressing thing....I can't stand to look at dead bodies, they never look like the people that they were.  Sooooo.....If you didn't get an invitation to join my blog forum, I probably didn't have your email, so email me and I'll invite you.  Bubbye!

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