Thursday, April 15, 2004

you can't contain the fat man within

Yeah, I know I haven't blogged since Monday, so sue me. Um...let's see, here's how my week has gone so far. Study, go to the mall with Lia, study some more, go see The Whole Ten Yards with Lia, study some more, Cat and Lia spent the night, study some more. I think I'm all studied out. Oh, and before I do quotes, Cat came up with a new word:

Pornicate -- the act of administering sexual acts to pornography, such as magazines, videos, and/or websites.

Now you may have quotes:

1. Wow Cat, you do it fast -- Lia -- good to know

2. It popped out and you're not gong to get it back in -- Cat -- yeah, once it has popped out there's no turning back

3. I don't want to be farted on or kicked -- Cat -- sometimes you don't have a choice

4. Orgaz his penis -- Cat -- you say a lot of weird things

5. Get smaller socks -- Lia -- how forceful of you

6. Put your card up you suck-o -- Lia -- is there a clinical definition to suck-o?

7. I guess I'm a mijority -- Cat -- make up your mind

8. Sam did dealt -- me -- Sam doesn't know how to talk very well

9. I think the penis would no longer be erect after its erect -- Cat -- thank you for your assessment Dr. Trombly

10. I think you can contain the fat man with in, you just choose not to -- me -- you would understand if you heard Lia laugh

11. You were thinking of me in the shower? -- me -- I guess I'm just that important to people

12. I have weird friends...Oh, hello glasses -- me -- yep, the weirdness is rubbing off on me

13. I woke up and it wasn't in my mouth, it was in my bed -- me -- it was supposed to be in my mouth

14. There's not enough room for my tongue, it's getting stuck between the plastic -- me -- stupid retainer

15. I'm touching the wall with my body in every possible spot -- Cat -- please don't violate my walls ever again