Monday, April 5, 2004

oh yeah...sweaty finger

I think it's kinda sad that I feel guilty for not blogging. Anyway, I have a whole bunch of quotes to post, but that's it, cuz I am studying my ass off for the french AP test, so here they are:

1. It looked really cool, despite the fact that it was sex -- Cat -- or was it the fact that it was sex??????????????????????

2. As in you're speared? -- Lia -- the next one is my response

3. Yes........she's kabobbed -- me

4. She had a big sex -- Lia about CAT

5. Medusa shmoosa -- Jessica Van Mourik -- you tell 'em

6. It's a shock that I can't get it up faster -- Lia -- yes, that is a shock, along with the shock that you have something to "get up"

7. I drink like a man -- Lia -- maybe that's why you have a hard time getting it up

8. Sam I ham -- Cat -- yeah okay

9. I think I'm allergic to Greenfield Village -- me -- I swear, it's all the old buildings

10. Oh yeah, sweaty finger -- Kriss -- um................I don't know how to respond to that one

11. It fell out of my apple -- Cat -- you're weird

12. You're supposed to blow from the mouth, but I blew from the butt -- Kriss -- I thought you were supposed to........never mind

13. You blew it from the wrong end -- Amanda -- and how, pray tell, did you do that?

Here's two non words that Cat said today:

Im-ma-date -- def. a redneck word derived from the words him, my and date, for instance: See that guy over there? Immadate.

Kabobanation -- def. the religious sect of barbequed meat

Here's one random thought of mine:

Elton John is a friggin' genius.