Saturday, April 17, 2004

fashionably late is never fashionable, just late

Okay, my brother is officially a nerd. We were gonna go see a movie last night at 9:40 and he got to my house at 9:40, needless to say we're gonna go tonight. Anyway, I talked to my mom and dad this morning and my dad was so excited when he saw her. I'm so jealous of my parents right know, they're driving out to the ocean as I type. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, drum roll please, here's the qoutes:
1. Do you have clothes on? -- Lia -- Yes, I always wear clothes!!!

2. I love three way -- me -- three way CALLING!!!!!

3. I'm quite content with my juice......which I'm going to drink like a woman -- Cat -- I don't think you can do it

4. That was like a shimi talk -- Cat -- could you demonstrate that one for the class?

5. I said pothole, not crap pipe -- Cat -- thanks for clearing that one up

6. Sparky has only bitten one person, my mom, and that was because he thought she was steak -- me -- don't I have a pathetic dog?

7. It would be so great if you could baaa in your sheep -- me -- see, I shouldn't be able to talk after midnight

Oh, here's an over share, my dog was following me around all day yesterday FARTING. And I found a really good picture of Michael Jackson, it's in the link column.