Monday, April 12, 2004

cosmo is bad

Oh...Cat and I spent the night at Lia's the other day and read the magazine that Cat is not allowed to read (COSMO!!). That was the funniest thing ever. Before I forget, I found the most addicting website called SoundClick. It has a whole bunch of new bands and you can download their music for free. Anyway, Lia and I went to the mall with the intent to look at prom dresses, but she let me slide on that because I'm not going anyway. I did buy Sims, the best game ever. Here's the quotes:

1. I don't wanna see him if he has a big head -- Lia -- are you sure?

2. It was already down when I was coughing -- Cat -- thats...weird

3. I can't get mine up -- Cat -- there's medicine for that

4. That SUV that just walked by -- Cat -- it's time to go back to the padded cell now

5. I wanna reap? -- Cat -- yeah, no more on the crack pipe for you

6. Sex plus you equals me -- Cat -- 'bout NO

7. Catherine doesn't know how to do sexual math -- Cat -- that's for sure

8. Why don't you get it, then you can art yourself -- Lia -- what is wrong with my friends?

9. Did the pure disgust have to hit me in the face? -- Lia -- Yes it did's the billion dollar idea of the week Kinky Crosswords!! Don't even think about stealing my idea.