Wednesday, April 7, 2004

how often is paul on porter?

Cat, Lia and I went to Target today and I got season 7 of Friends and the case is hot pink, which, if you didn't know, is my favorite color. Oh, and if any of you ever catch Cat with Cosmopolitan magazine, take it away, it turns her into the biggest pervert you will ever meet. Here's a random comment: Why do teachers insist on pulling their pants up so high? and Lia's answer: "They must enjoy wedgies, skankman's skanker pants aren't high rise". I don't have time to say anything else, but here are the quotes:

1. Power outage, let's pray! -- Mrs. Wilk -- Oh, oh, oh.....let me get my rosary

2. Don't go away focus! -- Mrs. Wilk -- what the shit?

3. Hi, I'm an ellipse -- Mrs. Wilk -- yeah, she's weird

4. Let's have a double ellipse -- Mrs. Wilk -- you think that's strange, look what Lia said in response to it

5. That's kinky! -- Lia -- not so much

6. The fizziness hurt me -- me -- once again, I don't know what the hell I was talking about

7. Look, it's little red robin! -- Amanda -- yes, the lesser known pet of little red riding hood

8. I might be a redneck -- Kelley -- might?

9. I don't get my math, it looks like a penis -- Amy -- hun, that's not math

10. I can do it with a 105 pound dummy -- Lia -- what, while he just lays there?

11. The sides are metal, and you were foolin' around with the sheets -- Lia -- yeah, I'm sure you were just foolin' around

12. I had to snap the snap on my butt -- Lia -- there's no excuse for grabbing your own ass

13. I like when Paul is on Porter -- Lia -- I bet Porter likes it too

14. You're eating the fetus! -- some random girl at lunch -- there will be no, and I repeat, no eating of the fetuses (feti?)

15. You said Je -- me -- Je, as in I in french

16. (while pointing at Cat) Je voudrais fromage (I would like cheese) -- Lia -- You would like Cat cheese?

17. Would you like to play with my salami? -- me -- I bet you're wondering if I actually have a salami