Friday, May 27, 2005

When It's Over...That's The Time I Fall In Love Again...

Okay, weirdest sensation ever...never HAVING to step foot inside Anchor Bay High School again. Except for Senior Breakfast, which we aren't legally bound to go to. But woah. This is fucked up. I cried when the final bell rang...I guess I'm just more sensative than everyone else. I'm going to go ahead and assume that me going to Anchor Bay since I was three may have something to do with the tears. I know that in a week I'm never gonna see most of these people again in my life...except maybe at a reunion or something. I'm gonna copy off of Cat with a list of things I'll miss and that I won't miss. It's nerdy, but I don't care, I'm feeling nostalgic. But first, the rest of my day.

We went to Mongolian Barbeque for lunch (Nicole, Cat, Lia, Allison & Moi). It was splendid, except for seeing one person that I absolutely hate. But otherwise, I had a delicious lunch with lemon and soy sauce on top. And rice. I love rice. Oh, and I found out that Allison Drompp and I have our names on the Citizen's State Bank scroll-thing at the 23 Mile Rd branch because we won the Bay Rama Scholarship. Woot.

A few hours later, I met Cat and Lia at the hockey rink for Jamie's 14 birthday party and we ice skated our asses off. It was fun stuff. And I begged Cat to drive me home because I was insanely tired and she wouldn't. Bitch. So much for best friends, huh? I should have pictures from today up on webshots tomorrow...if I can get them from Lia. Oh, and from yesterday's car painting extravaganza. Onto the list:

Things I won't miss:

1. French...nuff said
2. Certain swim bitches
3. The drama
4. Wilk
5. The stairs
6. Ossy
7. Underclassmen
8. The sluts in Ossy's class
9. Waking up

Things I will miss:

1. Mrs. Len
2. Seeing my best friends every day (you know who you are)
3. Bruce
5. Steph, Allison and Andy
6. Kevin
7. Megan!
8. Corey and Adrian
9. Our second home (The pool, duh!)
10. Swim
11. Being completely inappropriate and having the Calc class overhear

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