Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday The 13th

Okay, what is going on with the universe? I officially had the weirdest day ever. And I mean WEIRDEST. It started off at about 9:00 am, so around 10:00, I picked up Cat and we began our journey into oblivion. We went to Stony Creek with the intention of riding our bikes around the lake and going kayaking. We achieved .71 miles before deciding that we were both frozen and sick and we should turn back. When we arrived at the parking lot, I decided to give an impromptu stick shift lesson. It started off very well, Cat only stalled at 2 stop signs, which is quite impressive for a two time stick driver. Since she was doing so well, I decided that it would be appropriate for her to drive us home, it is fun to have your own personal chauffeur. Well, it turned out to be an interesting decision to say the least. We were going just fine, she even navigated us through construction traffic...until we met the intersection of 23 mile road and Fairchild. The light turned red, so we stopped. The light turned green, so we tried to go...but we stalled. Then we stalled again. Then the car died. Then the hazards wouldn't go on. Then I got out of the car and flagged down a car to help me push, if we sat at that intersection for too much longer, we WOULD get rear-ended. I saw the one guy's butt crack as he exited his car. It was gross. Anyways, Cat is hell bent on the idea that she broke my car...when in reality, she only helped it along to surgery by moving it up on the donor list, as the 12 year old starter was on its way out. Long story short, $100, my daddy and a few days and my car will be good as new. Anyways, we waited in the parking lot of a Christian Financial bank for an hour, then my dad rescued us. Oh, and it was pouring rain while we were waiting in the car. And every few minutes, we would burst our laughing at our predicament...although one of those times, Cat had juice in her mouth and spit it ALL OVER the dashboard. I'm gonna have to post the rest later, I'm real tired.

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