Wednesday, May 25, 2005

His hip...really?

Okay, I so haven't posted in forever and a day...actually for a week, but that's besides the point. Well, I been a busy girl. I worked 11:30 to 8:00 all weekend, meaning that I am gone during the peak hours of the day.

On Monday, I went to work from 10:00 AM for an inservice and didn't get out until 3:00 PM...then I went home and cleaned.

Tuesday was a special day. School was boring as EVER, but that's besides the point, we got out of History to do awards ceremony practice. All I can say is COGGINS!!! She's such a freak. Oh! I almost forgot, Cat and I were double agents yesterday, we went on a mission to find programs from the Senior Awards Ceremony. Didn't work, but we felt stealthy. Then Cat and I went to her house to do our project, which she had mostly finished anyways...I feel bad, but she said that she'd do some and email it to me to finish...and she DIDN'T. So there. After that, Cat had another stick lesson. Good times. Oh, and Cooper saw her driving and laughed. Yay. Then we traded yearbooks and brought them back to the awards ceremony. Just so everyone knows, we are morphing into the same person. We wrote the same things in each other's yearbooks. My God. So then we went to the awards ceremony, which was fun. Then we were awarded our scholarships, which I completely forgot about...and I didn't even tell my mom and dad about. Now, I went into this knowing that I wasn't gonna get any awards and I was content with that. They read some scholarships, then they got to the ones that I applied for. They read off the Bay Rama scholarships and I heard my name, but it didn't register...then I realized that I had won. I freaked out. So I went up there and claimed my $1000 scholarship and my place in the Bay Rama parade. Then they read another few and called me up again, this time for the Lions Club scholarship! So now I'm up to $2000. Then they called me up a third time, this time for the Amvets club scholarship, bringing my grand total to $3000. I swear, I feel like the luckiest person in the world, I don't think I have ever won anything in my life and probably won't again. Then they were reading one about a girl that had 675 hours of community service and worked at the park and managed the boys swim team...and I was like "Oh yeah, ITS CAT!" Hell yeah, you rock! But yeah, it was a good night.

Then today...well, I'll have to post later, I've gotta go to my grandma's house for a bit. Loves, hugs and kisses.

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