Friday, May 6, 2005

Hey Hey Hey

I just took Doris for an hour long ride in the car...she couldn't decide whether or not she enjoyed herself though. We went on a road trip to my work and we ended up off-roading for a little stretch of the road. It was good fun. Then I went to the bank and deposited $123.17 and had to keep the rest out for my gd insurance and my gd computer and my gd prom hair...but yay anyways. Oh, and I think Andy is gonna be a lot of fun at prom, he's pretty funny.

Catisa Lesbian and Samanthawulf are taking over...HAHA! Cat and I were in the parking lot of the school and I put on my sexy new shades...So Cat said that they made me so sexy that she might just go lesbian. Odd friends. But anyways, this guy was just standing there next to his car, watching...then he drag-raced her out of the parking lot...I think it was Tyler VanAllen. He's so cool...Oh, I jest.

Okay, I definitely have to go to work now, goddamn detour. Bubbye for now.

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