Saturday, June 25, 2005

Oh, The Places You Will Go

Dude! I got the Dr. Suess book Oh The Places You Will Go for graduation. Yess! That is one of the coolest books. I so have not had time to blog as of late, I've been uber busy. Let's see:

Monday : I think I went to work from 10:30 to 2:45. Then I wrote thank you cards (which I am still not done with), and I probably went out and did something.
Tuesday : I went to work, but I do not remember what I did before or after, although I am sure thank you cards were in there somewhere.
Wednesday : I went to work and did a puzzle with my mom and may have gone out.
Thursday : I didn't go to work, but I did go to Great Lakes Crossing with my grandma and I got myself a faulty CD burner at Circuit City. Then I got myself a gigantic towel and a set of twin sheets for $15. Then I went to the Rainforest Cafe with Nana and had coconut shrimp. As soon as I got home, Cat showed up and we went on an ill fated journey to Bay Rama. I came so close to throwing up, but I held strong. Then I went out to my cousins house to get him so we could go to the fire works, which were really good, by the way.
Friday : I took Trev home and ran a few errands for my aunt, then I came home and then went up to work and the bank to do some errands. Then Cat and I went to Circuit City to exchange my faulty CD burner (only to recieve another piece of crap). Then the power went out and I couldn't exchange it, so we went to Best Buy so I could use my $75 gift card to get a printer for school. Then we went to Bed Bath and Beyond. It was good.

And today, I get to go to work. Yay. And fill out more thank you cards. Because that's what I do.

1 more week until Chicago!

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