Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It's my anniversary, baby

So, this weekend I went to Amanda's and Cat's graduation parties. I didn't stay long at Amanda's cuz I had to get home, but I did have an awesome time on her trampoline. Sunday, I was in the parade and I saw a lot of people that I knew from the red camaro that Allison and I were in. I also got sunburned. Then, almost as soon as I got home, I changed and went to Cat's graduation party. Oh, I failed to mention how I was woken up this morning. Just so you know, I was wearing a shirt and underwear, then I hear this odd noise and a door or two slamming and I look out my window and it's none other than Dex, Telly and Cat. Yay. I threw on the nearest pair of pants. Still an awesome way to wake up though. Anyhoo, after the parade, I high-tailed it to Cat's house. I pretty much snuck in without her noticing, Dex and Telly had to greet me. Damn Cat. It was awesome catching up with Dex and Telly, which I did for close to an hour. I love them Floridians. The party was fun, albiet I had a bad case of hick feet when I got home. They were SO dirty from the volleyball.
Yesterday I worked and then went to Rec for a bit. Then I came home and cleaned my room. It was SO hot upstairs, holy crap, I was sweating profusely. Then I showered and fell asleep.
Today should be good, we're taking the Rec kids to see Madagascar. Then I have to take another road trip to Circuit City to take back that damn CD burner. I hate it. A lot. Oh, btw, yesterday, I found my box of notes from last year, they are HILARIOUS. There are just no words for them. At all. Whatsoever. Okay, I have to shower, change, and go to Rec. Love ya, bye.
Oh, and today is the 5 year anniversary of leaving for Europe, which may not seem significant to many, but it was to me.

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