Monday, January 26, 2004

skankman and the lime green beacon

***I'm not putting teachers names in here because I'm paranoid that they'll see it, but you should know who I'm talking about***
Last night, I was compulsively rearranging my bedroom furniture, and my stupid white desk was being really wobbly, so I took my computer and all my other junk off of it and took out my frustration on it. Yeah, I know y'all think I'm crazy, and I bet you doubt my sanity even more because of my use of the word y'all. Did anyone know that a certain evil english teacher is a man-skank? Well he is, he wore the same too-tight, ugly, oatmeal shirt and some weird, brown, corduroy/jean thingies. What a skanker! Skanker is another fun word (non-word?). Speaking of teachers who are incapable to dress themselves properly, the dumb foreign language teacher looked like a lime green beacon in her almost matching pantsuit gettup. So what's with the panty war, last time I checked the word penny didn't have a T in it. Oh, and real quick, every time I see the guy I've dubbed German Boy, I want to show Tina, and Catherine is always the one that's there. Every time it's like "Look, there's German Boy -- Damn your not Tina!"