Saturday, January 24, 2004

dinner with santa

Today was interesting. I got up and went to the rec center to keep score for floor hockey and I had to tell my cousin that I was moving. Not good times, but like a good Italian, I brought him food to smooth it over. Then I went to Lowes with my dad to help him bring home some paneling that was slightly too large for our truck. I ended up having to lay across the front seat with my head on his arm rest, holding it up with my right arm so he could drive without it smushing his head. I think I pulled a muscle. As soon as we got home, we had to go out to dinner with my dad's friend Joel, who bears an extremely strong resemblance to Santa Clause (oddly enough, he's a mall Santa in the winter). We were there for like four hours, and then on the way home we were talking about rodeos, which lead to a discussion about bull fighting, then we got to cow tipping, and last but definitely not least, we discussed Guinness Ale.