Wednesday, January 28, 2004

is that grass?

This is what my crazy French teacher is making us learn:
Allo Robert? Ici Alain.
Ah, Bonjour. Comment ca va?
Ca va bien. Devine ou je vais!
Je ne sais pas. Ou vas-tu?
Je vais en France avec ma soeur Marie.
Vous y allez tous les deux seuls?
Non, maman et papa y vont aussi.
Ah, quell chance!
N'est-ce pas? Nous allons partir dans quelque jours.
Eh bien. Bon voyage!
Merci et au revoir!
Au revoir!

So, now that we've got that out of the way, the evil English teacher is officially Skankman. He is wearing the same oatmeal shirt and brown corduroy/jean thingies again! Maybe where he comes from, they don't have washing machines. According to my research, he has worn that outfit four times in the last five school days. He wore it Thursday, Friday, Monday, and today, Wednesday and we don't know what he wore on the weekend! He's definitely skanker of the month. We were sitting in Government watching the news and some Mars pictures come onto the screen and Catherine, who by the way is like valedictorian asks me "Is that grass?" I gave her a weird look and replied. "No, you need water to have grass (insert derogatory remark here)." So then a few minutes later, she asks "Why don't they plant trees on other planets?" I'm flabbergasted. Then in Physics I was talking to Stephanie, and somehow we got to the topic of burns. That reminded me of a good story: I was cooking something on a cookie sheet and wearing a tank top (never a good combination) and I went to get it out and accidentally touched the extremely hot metal to my stomach. Yeah, go ahead and laugh, I had a burn that was almost a straight line on my stomach for about a week. Oh and why don't they plant trees on other planets?