Sunday, March 13, 2005

Someone doesn't want me to get my beauty sleep...

I've been awake since I talked to Telly for an hour though, it was good fun. yesterday, I went to Costco with my mum...I don't understand why they have everything there. I bought a swim suit, scrubs, 480 plastic cups and the largest jar of pickles I have ever seen. I mean this jar was gigantic...but more importantly...why do they have everything. "Ya know how things are wrong in Cat's head...?" Yeah, well it is wrong in my head to be able to buy scrubs, a swim suit, 480 plastic cups and pickles in the same store...that's why I hate Meijer...its too convienent. Wow...that makes me sound duuuuuumb. (insert blank stare) So...I have so much Gd homework today and my brother has to fix all the Gd computers and I have to work...Kill me. I feel so disconnected...I've talked to no one all weekend...well...I haven't talked to Cat and Lia all weekend. Maybe they're forming an alliance against me and I'm getting kicked out...*sniffle*...Haha...I hope not. Au revoir mes amis.

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