Saturday, March 12, 2005

Adventures at EMU...

Well, I must say, driving to EMU for the state swim meet with Cat was a hell of a lot better than being in school. We left around 7:15 in the morning and then around 8:30....we got lost in Detroit. Let's make that more clear...I got us lost in Detroit. I got confused by the gigantic road said North and one said South and they express way was splitting, so I took South because Eastern IS NOT north of us. Yeah...we got lost in the ghetto. It was frightening. Our doors could not have been any more locked, I can be sure of that. When we got there, Justine greeted us...It was pretty cute. Justin and Matt did really good, Justin in the 200 Free and the 100 Fly and Matt in the 50 Free, but neither of them made it to Finals, which is today.

Oh, I'm not all that impressed with Eastern's seemed kinda ghetto like. Their was two redeeming factors though, they had an olympic pool and their was a giant penis in the middle of Ypsilanti...I think it was supposed to be a water tower or tower of some sort. It was awesome. The entire ride there and back, as promised, Cat and I sang our asses off...yay.

You guys are gonna laugh when I tell you which movie I rented for my parents last night.........The Forgotten. Ha! It was still confusing the second time around. I think I fell asleep near the end of it though, because I never ended up talking to Lia and I know I was supposed to last night. SORRY! I have sleep problems lately :)

Okay, I have to get off of the computer, my mom is getting mad at me, even though I'm usually not awake at this time...she's so weird. Laters my home dawgs. (shoot me NOW)

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