Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Hi Hi Hiya

Okay okay okay! I got a puppy! I'm so happy. I've had a pretty okay few days...I just haven't had the time to blog. Well...lets see...on Saturday, I went to Timmy's with Lia and did homework...for Easter...I waitressed...but that's a hundred dollar bill baby! On Monday, I waitressed again. Tuesday was interesting to say the least. Well...first, I went to the Rec to get my letters of recommendation from Kasy and I talked to Amanda, the girl I practically grew up with from ages 2 to 5, and I found out that she went to London over Christmas break. Awesome. Oh, and her mom, Kasy, found some old pictures of me and Cat from when we were like 6...but she didn't show them to me yet...she said that there's one of us playing in the mud in our bathing suits...Awww. So then, Cat and I went to Timmy's to do our extra credit project for History, then we went to her house to type it up. After that, we decided that we couldn't just let the beautiful day go to waste, so we decided to go out driving with the windows down and Savage Garden blaring. Then I decided that it was time for Cat to learn how to drive stick shift. She actually did really good...for being a retard. She went on the main road and everything! Then I found out what my graduation present is from my uncle. All I can say is woot! Then Lia, Cat and I went and saw 'Guess Who'...its was okay, but I thought it would be better, damn Bernie Mac. Then I went home and went to bed. Today I waitressed and it was uneventful until about 3:45, when my mom showed up with a brand new puppy!! We named her Doris...but it'll be Dori for short, cuz that's just cute.

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