Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The last few days... were something special indeed

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So... Yes, I know I haven't updated. Oops.

I had a meeting at the Rec with Hoffard. I got head lifeguard! Woohoo. I think that's probably the only thing of interest I did on Thursday.

Work at the beach, we had to put in lines, and Catherine Trombly, my savior, had a wetsuit, so she braved the harsh waters of Anchor Bay and I staved off hypothermia. Then I had my absolute last day ever of work at The Village of East Harbor. I totally quit and I feel very good about it. I hated that job and apparently they didn't like me much either, going by my complete lack of hours.

Cat, Brenden & I worked at the beach again today, doing pretty much the same thing. I yet again escaped without going in the water, since Brenden seemed to think that he had to prove his manhood by saying that he's done this before. I ran with it.

I went to the movies with Dad, Jason & Becky to see the new Indiana Jones movie. It was weird. I'm not going to ruin it for anyone, but it was definitely weird.

First official day guarding. It wasn't supposed to be warm enough for people to swim, and truth be told, it really wasn't, but the water was overrun with kids, so Steph, Cat & I had to make sure they didn't die. It was a long day... and we didn't have our guard chairs yet, so we were standing all day. That amounts to swollen feet if you're wondering. Oh and duh, Coop came home yesterday, so she hung out with us at the beach for a few hours. It was good fun.


Anonymous said...

you should have stood in the water, it might have kept the swelling down.

Anonymous said...

Cat needs to figure out how to turn on her "comment toggle". I agree with her on the life guard thing. Is it going to take someone drowning to make them realize they need more staff down there? You think Mike would go home if it meant not getting all his hours? NO, he's been getting paid for doing nothing for years.

Maybe someone needs to write a letter...............