Thursday, December 30, 2004


Oh, how badly we want to put that into our newscast...too bad it has to be school appropriate, the bloopers will be kick ass though. It would almost be worth it for us to put "speaking of bombs" into the newscast...we could always play dumb..."I didn't know that was in there, honestly (insert scapegoat here) edited our film!" I think Cat would murder us and chop us up and bury us in the tunnel underneath the pool. I'm so excited, I don't have to work today! This is the first day since Christmas eve that I haven't had to work. But I do get to ruin the day by going to the doctor and cleaning my room. Oh, and by the way, my mom is forbidding me to go anywhere after work on New Years Day, she says I'm going to need my rest after working for 14 hours...which I slightly agree with...If we're doing something, I'll sneak over to Lia's for a little while and just tell my mom that we got off of work late...I think some LCR would be appropriate. Okay, I'm gonna go do some serious organizing. Salut! Oh, and I think LCR is queer beans<-- I just think it sounds queer beans bad? (Yeah Nicole!)

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